Research collaborations with third parties


The AMC and the VUmc collaborate with a broad spectrum of partners, such as academic parties, industries, national governmental agencies, charities and the European Commission. Both UMCs encourage such collaborations as an important part of scientific research. Sharing experiences, knowledge and resources is crucial for advancing scientific knowledge and innovations.

These collaborations impose on the UMCs the task of carefully weighing the interests of their collaborating partners against their own academic teaching and research obligations, as well as the interests of their patients and of society. In all collaborations with third parties, conflicts of interest should be avoided. The general principles of research integrity, transparency and independence must be respected, see also the Montreal statement of the 3rd World Conference on Research Integrity. It follows from this that collaborations with third parties should be open or controllable, that the research aim and questions should serve a scientific purpose, and that the methods applied and the results reported are truthful and timely rather than serving commercial or political interests.