Ownership and valorization of research results


Academic research is aimed at creating new knowledge, which can manifest itself in many ways, ranging from technological inventions and new methods, to social scientific insights. New knowledge is the basis for future research, education and responding to societal challenges such as the optimizing of healthcare. Specific laws and regulations are applicable to the ownership and commercial use of knowledge. Clear agreements about the availability and use of new knowledge are therefore of vital importance in enabling the UMCs to perform their principal tasks.

The AMC and the VUmc have adapted the NFU guideline "Naar een goede waarde" and have a separate set of IP regulations that are applicable to any personinvolved in research within the UMCs: for VUmc (Regeling Kennis, Intellectueel Eigendom en Participatie) and for AMC (Remuneration and incentive system). This chapter sets out general principles on intellectual property and the treatment of research findings. Please check your local intranet site for more information.

Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA, previously Technology Transfer Office TTO) is the central point of contact for UMC inventors/ researchers who have questions regarding any aspect of economic valorization as well as for industry representatives and entrepreneurs who are interested in particular UMC technologies or in collaboration in general. Please check the IXA website for more information. IXA helps researchers to protect and exploit IP. Its services cover activities ranging from handling confidential disclosure agreements and material transfer agreements, the patenting of inventions, the management of IP, and negotiating research and licensing contracts with industry, to creating start-up companies based on UMC technologies.